About Us


The company is one of the first concrete block factory in the Atwima District in the Ashanti Region. Belrose Block Factory was established in 2008 with the focus of producing blocks for the development of a hospital city. When the first fully automatic concrete block machine was imported, we decided to start commercial production of blocks products. We currently manufacture a variety of high quality concrete blocks for building quality architectural buildings, custom brick shapes, masonry products and side walk pavers. The company also supplies a variety of local and imported cement products, roofing sheets, shingles and iron rods for construction.

Block quality

The factory is committed in producing quality block products for homes, business and road construction. We are committed to consistent quality that conform fully with the Belrose Business Brand. We stand by our block products being the best in the market. 

The company has a mandatory requirement and expectation to produce quality blocks in a timely manner. Belrose Block Factory is dedicated in the continuous review, development and improvement of all aspects of its products, services and business model. 

We strive to develop an efficient and effective quality system and adhere to generally accepted best practices in the management of construction projects. The company has developed a system which not only ensures the consistency of our block quality but also priorities training and development of employees to meet the client’s expectation.

Occupational Health, Safety & Environment:

Our Company believes in the health and safety of its workers and customers. As such, NO JOB OR TASK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WORKER’S HEALTH AND SAFETY. If a job represents a potential safety or health threat, every effort will be made to plan a safe way to complete the task in a safer manner. Every procedure must be reviewed articulously before its carried out. Shortcuts in safe procedures either by management or any other associates will not be tolerated. 

If a worker observes any unsafe or unprotected exposure, which may pose a potential threat to his safety & health, he/she must bring it to immediate management notification. We respect the surrounding community and thus control the environment health hazards arising from operations and events of construction activities at our factory. If a job cannot be done safety it will and should not be done.

Belrose Block Factory Logistics

The company is well organized and can take building material orders overseas We are well recognized for reliable delivering of large volume blocks to the appropriate construction site. The company has a variety of payment options for customer convivence. 

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